Sunday, April 16, 2017

Long Term Music Goals

Long Term Music Goals By: Kip Batiz Setting long-term goals is essential in any business including music. As the new horizon arises in the land of entertainment, artists in every facet of the industry have been looking to many unconventional methods of generating income. Something that underground bands, artists, and groups need to consider is entertainment (for the last 30yrs) has only been extremely profitable to the top 20% of the industry. A growing number of top-level professionals are switching to direct-to-customer business models. With concert attendance at a steady rise throughout almost the entire nation and continuously plummeting record sales, the paradigm shift (that everyone knew was coming) has finally began to bubble at the highest levels of the industry. Keep your goals in line with what is happening on the internet and various other direct-to-customer channels. Truth is, your online network and fan clubs are most likely to be your biggest asset when dealing with promotion companies and record labels. Also, make sure you are planning an appropriate roadmap for your goals. Breaking bigger goals down into a series of smaller goals is a good way of diving into how you plan on reaching them. Always make sure you write your goals down and grade yourself from time to time to make sure you stay on track. With the advent of the internet we all have every tool we ever need to plan the any future we want.

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