Sunday, February 12, 2017

Breaking the ice with venues part 1

Breaking the ice with venues part 1 Every venue has a slightly different way of doing things and booking is no exception. However there are some general guidelines you can use to get your foot in the door. Doing things according to how the venue wants them done may slow you down a little bit, but if you go the extra mile to work with them they will show you their appreciation. First, make sure you have a website or someway the general public can find you. No venue wants to book a band so new they don't have a Facebook. Plus they want to make sure you have a platform to interact with your fans. If you are completely reliant on the venue network for promotion they may just take a pass or put you on the back burner. Second, before you walk into the venue or call them, check their website. They may already have a particular method, email, or person they want you to talk to. This is one of the many ways the booking process can be different from venue to venue. Some places may have a list of promoters they work with, some places may have a particular employee who schedules the performances. In some cases the owner or manager schedules everything. Whatever the case may be you want to make sure you know you are going to the right people first and not just wasting your breath. From this point in the type of show you are booking is going to make a difference on how you move forward with your contact. A cover band is going to have a different pitch than a original band, a acoustic act is different than a DJ performance. Knowing your scene is going to help you in your approach when you make your first impression. -Kip Batiz #sundaymayhem, #KipBatiz, #FixxFam, #AskMayhem, Local Music, st louis, #mayhemradiostl

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