Sunday, February 12, 2017

Boost YourTraffic with Slide Shows

Creating Slide shows by: Kip Batiz Never underestimate the power of a slide show. In a recent poll, Youtube was the primary source for discovering new music among 14-18 year olds. It was also the secondary source for discovering new music among 19-25 year olds. Youtube has a wonderful embedded code generator, this feature allows you to place the video easily into any website that allows HTML coding and receive views directly without leaving the website. Facebook is another web site that allows video sharing, and is a great way to get the word out to immediate friends and fans. Allowing you to tag others to your video as to draw more notice is a great tool that Facebook provides, as it also places your video in friends of your friends news feed. There are also an increasing number of web sites that are using video submissions for various projects. You might consider doing information videos that have written copy over the music, such as a story behind the song or where to find the music for sale. You can also create lyrics videos to help fans learn your words. It feels really cool when people in the crowd are singing the words at your shows. Whatever website you choose, make sure to tag it well. Youtube is owned by Google and ranks very high in web searches. Make sure you tag your region, music genre, band name and comparable groups. If it's a video of you performing live you might want to tag the venue, date and other bands as well. Most of all make sure that every video you post also has your bands name, primary web site and link to purchase somewhere in your post. -KB #FixxFam, #KipBatiz, #madmikeradio, #mayhemradiostl, #sundaymayhem, Local Music, #AskMayhem

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