Sunday, October 18, 2015

Playlist 10/18/15

Hello everyone, you have probably noticed the lack of mayhem lately. We've been having issues with downloading our show to the main computer at the station. Until things can be resolved we will be taking a hiatus from 100.7fm the viper. The show will continued as a podcast as well as being streamed through a few channels online that we will be introducing you to in the next few weeks to come. You may also see a change in format as we try to get you guys a more steady stream of content. So as the longest running show on 100.7fm we say farewell and thank the viper for their support of local music. The last show we recorded will be found on our podcast site. This weeks playlist sponsored by Mikey's Pour House: Through the Scope - From Below *NEW, Silent Hollow - The Fall *NEW, Addiction - Addiction *NEW, Layden Robinson - Deepness *NEW, Divide the Empire - Dont Know Anything *NEW, First Class Trash - Frozen *NEW Off the Witness - Eye of Wisdom *NEW Saence - Burn, StillLine - The Right Kind of Pain, Divine Sorrow - Sixes, Monster Eats Manhattan - You and What Army, Soundtrapp - Stand Up, A Lesser Hope - Staring Over, Mercury Decends - Return to Central Cognition, The Hush List - Hush, Fivefold - Flawless, Nothing Set in Stone - Over and Over, Minus Me - Apollo, Nervous Pudding - Next December, Operator 303 - Plastic Man Dollhouse Skandal - Giants Rise, Thanks again for every ones support, check this page for updates to whats going on.

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