Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tonights Playlist 9-20-15

Nervous Pudding and One Day are currently tied for the #MayhemMatch .. you have until midnight to text your vote! 1-707-666-3499 At 10PM tonight check out 100.7FM The Viper or catch us on the Tune In App. If you miss it we will post a podcast on our website! This weeks playlist sponsored by Mikeys Pour House 9/20/15 Evading Azreal - (Track 1) Conquer as they Come - Dead Lullaby Bound to Break - Strength of Music Make Me Break Me - Rule of the Wrist Skinbound - Martyr of the Day *NEW Final Drive - Buried in You Bare Knuckle Conflict - Leach Midwest Avengers - Stalker Break these Walls - The Cleansing Slampig - Truck Stop Love Hung Like a Martyr - Bent *NEW Nervous Pudding​ - Next December (Mayhem Match Champions) One Day - Pause (Mayhem Match Contender) TEXT YOUR VOTE 1-707-666-3499 Durango - Is Anyone Here Not Dead Mercury Descends - Return to Central Cognition Naked Strangers - Bullet Inimical Drive - Say We'll be Fine Monster Eats Manhattan - My Gemini Defiance Pointe - My Way Out Divide the Empire - Habitual *NEW Dollhouse Skandal​ - Giants Rise Thanks to Everyone Supporting local music!! #MayhemRadioSTL #MayhemMatch #SundayMayhem

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