Sunday, August 30, 2015

Aug 30 2015 Playlist

Trying somthing new tonight! Vote on our new ‪#‎MayhemMatch‬ you can Text, call, or vote on the social media page on our website! Tonight's Playlist: Soundtarpp - Stand Up Inimical Drive - Say We'll be Fine Monster Eats Manhattan - My Gemini StillLine - The Right Kind of Pain Dollhouse Skandal - Mississippi Shuffle Jetliner Gypsies - Dexter John Maxfield - Smile Chris Weaver Band - Standing in Line Tomorrows Bad Seeds - Uplift Clockwork Radio - Fever Gemini Hustler - Ashbury Hathead Jones - Sleep Tonight *Hollow Point Heroes - Better Days (Mayhem Match) *Bound to Break - I Don't Mind (Mayhem Match) Durango - Is Anyone Here Not Dead Zach Almany - Trail by Nature Defiance Pointe - Still Then Turley - Another Whiskey Alive - Stuck in Between The Hush List - Tell Em Made in Waves - Deep Blue Dream Operator 303 - Last Goodbye Thanks for everyones support of local music!

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