Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kip Batiz Promo Portfolio

Kip Batiz
 Art/Graphics/Promotion portfolio
Here is a small collection of some of the promotion graphics I've done over the years. 
Hope you enjoy! 

Mayhem Underground Promo

Kip Batiz, Mayhem Underground, #KipBatiz, #FixxFam

Wild Tiger Fighters Promo

Kip Batiz, Wild Tiger Fighters, #KipBatiz, #FixxFam

Anodyne Syndrome Promo

Kip Batiz, Anodyne Syndrome, #KipBatiz, #FixxFam

Mayhem For President Promo

Kip Batiz, #KipBatiz, #FixxFam

Sunday Mayhem Promo

Kip Batiz, #KipBatiz, #FixxFam, Sunday Mayhem

The Fixx Music Promo

Kip Batiz, #KipBatiz, #FixxFam, The Fixx Music

Awaken Your Music App Promo

Kip Batiz, #KipBatiz, #FixxFam, Awaken Your Music

Awaken Your Music Website Promo

Kip Batiz, #KipBatiz, #FixxFam, Awaken Your Music

Gateway Grind TV Show Promo

Kip Batiz, #KipBatiz, #FixxFam, Gateway Grind

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Long Term Music Goals

Long Term Music Goals By: Kip Batiz Setting long-term goals is essential in any business including music. As the new horizon arises in the land of entertainment, artists in every facet of the industry have been looking to many unconventional methods of generating income. Something that underground bands, artists, and groups need to consider is entertainment (for the last 30yrs) has only been extremely profitable to the top 20% of the industry. A growing number of top-level professionals are switching to direct-to-customer business models. With concert attendance at a steady rise throughout almost the entire nation and continuously plummeting record sales, the paradigm shift (that everyone knew was coming) has finally began to bubble at the highest levels of the industry. Keep your goals in line with what is happening on the internet and various other direct-to-customer channels. Truth is, your online network and fan clubs are most likely to be your biggest asset when dealing with promotion companies and record labels. Also, make sure you are planning an appropriate roadmap for your goals. Breaking bigger goals down into a series of smaller goals is a good way of diving into how you plan on reaching them. Always make sure you write your goals down and grade yourself from time to time to make sure you stay on track. With the advent of the internet we all have every tool we ever need to plan the any future we want.

Using Tags and Blogs

Using Tags and Blogs By: Kip Batiz Utilizing your tags and blogs in your community websites can make a huge difference in how easily you can be found or discovered. These are actually among the first things that Google and other search engines scan first. Which if you look at logically makes perfect sense. People tend to browse images, stories, discussions, and reviews from other people in the online communities they frequent. This increases the value of these community sites and their content to search engines. Now the real formula to Google is a secret, but people have been trying to keep up with their continuously changing format for years. Properly tagged photos and blogs can also increase the search value to your own URL. If you are like every other band you have a diverse web presence. Multiple high value community sites that are tagged with your URL will eventually trigger the search engines to recommend your site through natural affiliation. Blogs are especially important as well. Most underground bands and artists do not take the time to set up proper blogs and blogging habits. Talking about relevant subjects on your blog will increase traffic through basic web searches. Just make sure you use tags the way they are meant to be used, if search engines catch on to you using trickery to increase traffic it will drop your value ratings and it is extremely difficult to regain that status. Also make sure to use a geographic tag with your photos, especially if you a traveling group. Heavy cultural relevance is given to web searches, as well as login location, and recently placed items and information.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Longtail Theory by: Kip Batiz

The Longtail Theory by: Kip Batiz The longtail theory has only been relevant in recent times with the advent of digital marketing and storage. Basically the idea behind it is that people will continuously be able to purchase your product because there is no limit on digital storage for your music and movies. As long as you are able to advertise and market your products, in theory your previous album releases have the potential to create more revenue than your newly released albums and merch. As an example if you have 3 currently released albums at a 'discounted' price point ($7), and you are marketing a new album through the same release channels (ie.. itunes, napster, etc...) for a new release price ($15), the sales potential for your 'older' music becomes $21. It used to be that a record company would hire an album promoter or distributor to insure shelf space at your local or regional music stores. Convincing them that the product would surly move off the shelf and make money. That warehousing space is extremely valuable to stores like these because something that sits on a shelf for years takes up space that could be used for other 'hotter' ticket items. But now direct marketing and digital storage can skyrocket your sales cutting out countless middlemen in the process and maximizing your profit levels. As labels cling to their dwindling profits most high level artists with built in audiences are using their direct connections to their fans to drop remixes, special releases, and even new album and tour information. What a time to be an artist... -KB

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Boost YourTraffic with Slide Shows

Creating Slide shows by: Kip Batiz Never underestimate the power of a slide show. In a recent poll, Youtube was the primary source for discovering new music among 14-18 year olds. It was also the secondary source for discovering new music among 19-25 year olds. Youtube has a wonderful embedded code generator, this feature allows you to place the video easily into any website that allows HTML coding and receive views directly without leaving the website. Facebook is another web site that allows video sharing, and is a great way to get the word out to immediate friends and fans. Allowing you to tag others to your video as to draw more notice is a great tool that Facebook provides, as it also places your video in friends of your friends news feed. There are also an increasing number of web sites that are using video submissions for various projects. You might consider doing information videos that have written copy over the music, such as a story behind the song or where to find the music for sale. You can also create lyrics videos to help fans learn your words. It feels really cool when people in the crowd are singing the words at your shows. Whatever website you choose, make sure to tag it well. Youtube is owned by Google and ranks very high in web searches. Make sure you tag your region, music genre, band name and comparable groups. If it's a video of you performing live you might want to tag the venue, date and other bands as well. Most of all make sure that every video you post also has your bands name, primary web site and link to purchase somewhere in your post. -KB #FixxFam, #KipBatiz, #madmikeradio, #mayhemradiostl, #sundaymayhem, Local Music, #AskMayhem

Breaking the ice with venues part 1

Breaking the ice with venues part 1 Every venue has a slightly different way of doing things and booking is no exception. However there are some general guidelines you can use to get your foot in the door. Doing things according to how the venue wants them done may slow you down a little bit, but if you go the extra mile to work with them they will show you their appreciation. First, make sure you have a website or someway the general public can find you. No venue wants to book a band so new they don't have a Facebook. Plus they want to make sure you have a platform to interact with your fans. If you are completely reliant on the venue network for promotion they may just take a pass or put you on the back burner. Second, before you walk into the venue or call them, check their website. They may already have a particular method, email, or person they want you to talk to. This is one of the many ways the booking process can be different from venue to venue. Some places may have a list of promoters they work with, some places may have a particular employee who schedules the performances. In some cases the owner or manager schedules everything. Whatever the case may be you want to make sure you know you are going to the right people first and not just wasting your breath. From this point in the type of show you are booking is going to make a difference on how you move forward with your contact. A cover band is going to have a different pitch than a original band, a acoustic act is different than a DJ performance. Knowing your scene is going to help you in your approach when you make your first impression. -Kip Batiz #sundaymayhem, #KipBatiz, #FixxFam, #AskMayhem, Local Music, st louis, #mayhemradiostl

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tonights Podcast 10/25/2015

Hello Everybody! This Weeks Podcast sponsored by Mikey's Pour House Oct 25 2015 Conquer as they Come - Spine Knife *NEW Addicted - Don't Waste my Time *NEW Strada G - What You Don't See Hollow Point Heroes​ - From the Inside First Class Trash - Frozen Made in Waves - Overload Mercury Descends - Return to Central Cognition Johnny Chase - A Piece of Time *NEW Monster Eats Manhattan - My Gemini (MM Champions) Soundtrapp​ - Stand Up (MM Contenders) Inimical Drive​ -Say We'll be Fine Defiance Pointe - My Way Out We will let everyone know as soon as our show goes live on The Indie Authority!! Thanks To Everyone Supporting Local Music www.sundaymayhem.com/podcasts #SundayMayhem #MayhemRadioSTL #MayhemMatch #AYMN #WhatsNewAYMN